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1754 Jarell tornado
EF4 tornado
Date August 17, 1754
Times 1535 - 1405 (hit town at 1555)
Touchdown location unknown
Injuries unknown
Fatalities unknown, likely 50+
Damage unknown, though Jarrell was mostly destroyed
Areas affected unknown, though Jarell was hit hard
Part of the
1754 tornado season

The 1754 Jarell tornado was a very destructive tornado recorded thanks to its violent history being discovered by dating the extensive ground scouring in the area following the extreme tornado. The weather that day is thought to have been hot and humid, giving rise to severe thunderstorms in the area, until the tornado dropped, likely in the evening hours, killing over 50 people, although the true number remains unknown. A report published in 2104 confirmed the EF4 rating, as well as the tornadoes path.


The 2104 reanalysis of the tornado and its impacts revealed that the tornado was indeed an EF4, with winds likely around 180 mph. This was estimated from images released after the tornado, showing extensive ground scouring, numerous levelled homes, and a likely poorly constructed home that was swept away. This uncertainty is what prevented the EF5 rating being awarded to the event.