1862 Milan tornado
F5 tornado
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Date September 17, 1862
Times 1435 - 1450 UTC
Touchdown location Near Milan, Italy
Injuries 2
Fatalities 9
Damage Unknown
Areas affected Milan, Italy
Part of the
1862 tornado season

The 1862 Milan tornado was a powerful tornado that touched down outside of Milan, Italy during the mid afternoon of September 17, 1862, before demolishing the outer areas of the city as it rapidly intensified and moved closer to the city centre. The tornado led to 9 deaths being reported, with 2 others injured. The damages from the tornado remain unknown, but much of the city was heavily damaged or destroyed by the tornado.


The tornado was preceded by 3 days of anomalously high temperatures, of about 32C, which led to the building of a capping inversion over the area, which eventually led to the development of a supercell thunderstorm during the early afternoon of that day. The storm rapidly organised, and at 1435 dropped a tornado, which proceeded to hit the outer skirts of the city, producing moderate damages

By 1440, the tornado was causing F4 damages as it neared the city, before hitting a couple of minutes later in the centre of the city, causing F5 damage, before weakening as it moved through the other side of the city, encountering dry air and a lack of favourable conditions to sustain the tornado any longer.


The tornado has received high support for its F5 rating, as plenty of evidence exists to support it. Several stone buildings were levelled by the intense winds, which have been estimated to have exceeded 260 mph, which in itself is enough to support the F5 rating. Furthermore, newly installed water pipes were ripped from underground and tossed up to a mile away.

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