1870 Berat tornado
F5 tornado
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Date July 20, 1870
Times Unknown, hit town at 1635, and dissipated at 1645
Touchdown location Unknown
Injuries 122
Fatalities 34
Damage Unknown
Areas affected Unknown, except for Berat
Part of the
1870 tornado season

The 1870 Berat tornado was a large, violent tornado that hit Berat, Albania at 1635 UTC on July 20, 1870, causing F5 damage in the city. The tornado is fairly well known, but there are still some parts of its lifecycle that need to be discovered before the data for the storm is completed. This is the only known F5 tornado in Albania history.


Not much is known about the tornado prior to it hitting Berat at 1635 UTC. In the day leading up to the event, the temperatures had reached 35C, and this had provided favourable rising air for the tornado to feed on as approached the town, producing F5 damage at the time. As the twister passed through the city, it managed to rip a stone bridge weighing several hundred tonnes 30 metres through the air, where it fell and killed 7 people and injured 77 others as it broke upon impact. In addition to this,newly laid pipes were pulled from the ground and then thrown up to a mile away, indicating in both of these cases that the tornado had winds of F5 intensity.

After passing the city centre, the tornado began to weaken as its parent storm began to rapidly weaken as it probably ran into unfavourable conditions consisting of lower shear values, lower CAPE and lower moisture values, and it lifted by 1645 not far out of the city, having crippled its infrastructure.

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