1900 Catania tornado
F5 tornado
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Date July 14, 1900
Times 1535 - 1555 UTC
Touchdown location Unknown
Injuries 127
Fatalities 24
Damage At least $24 million
Areas affected Unknown, except Catania
Part of the
1900 tornado season

The 1900 Catania tornado was a violent, long tracked, deadly and destructive tornado that ravaged Catania during the mid afternoon of July 14, 1900. 24 people died in the event, with 127 more being injured, and $24 million being done in damages, equivalent to nearly over $2 billion had the tornado occurred in present times.


The day before the tornado, the weather was hot and muggy, as can be found in local media reports of the time, and so was the morning and early afternoon of the outbreak, with temperatures peaking at 33C in Catania leading up to the tornado.

At 1525, the local media reports that the weather in Catania grew terrible, with "sheets of rain and thunder that shoo the lands", likely indicative of a supercell thunderstorm closing in on the location. At 1535, the media reports that a "huge black wall of cloud began eating up the land", likely indicating that a large wedge tornado was on the ground by that point and already approaching the town by that point. News reports reveal that the tornado passed through the town, with 2 farms disappearing completely, and a stone building also being felled and mangled by the force of the tornado, likely indicating F5 damage at this location as a result.

The media reports that the winds began fading by 1550, indicating either a weakening of the storm, or that it was moving out of the area at a fast forward speed,with the media reporting that no more damage was done after 1555, the time that is presumed to be the time that the tornado dissipated.

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