1904 Elmore, Ohio tornado
T11/F5 tornado
Times 0615 to 0810 UTC
Touchdown location Near Elmore, Ohio
Areas affected In and around Elmore, Ohio
Part of the
Tornadoes of 1904

Elmore, Ohio was still attempting to recover from the 1902 Elmore tornado two years later...when another large tornado swept through the town causing F5 damage, stronger than the F4 that devastated Elmore 2 years earlier...this tornado at the time was the strongest to ever hit Elmore, but would be shattered again by the 1906 Elmore, Ohio tornado and then the 1909 Elmore, Ohio tornado...and once again the 1936 Elmore, Ohio tornado....the Tornado first touched down around 0625 UTC on March 2, 1904 as a weak T1/F0...and lifted at 0810 UTC on March 2, 1904

Meteorological Synopsis

Early on the morning of March 2, 1904 a large set of Severe storms, 2 of them were tornadic were tearing across Northwestern Ohio...around 0625 UTC a T1/F0 tornado touched down causing light damage to a few homes and a Supermarket, sometime around 0630 UTC the tornado strengthened to a T3/F1 causing roof damage to a few homes, some of which showed signs of possible T5/F2 0635 UTC the tornado was a F2 causing extensive roof damage..around 0650 UTC the tornado reached T7/F3 intensity...the first signs of T8/F4 damage was about 3 miles south of Elmore, and occurred around 0705 UTC where a few homes sustained severe damage, the tornado reached T10/F5 intensity around 0730 UTC making it the first known F5 in the state of Ohio, finally around 0735 UTC the tornado hit downtown Elmore, but from a southern direction, not a Western Direction...though the tornado caused some rebuilding issues...all it mainly did was add on more work for the construction workers to 0800 UTC the tornado weakened...and finally lifted at around 0810 UTC, a few minutes later another tornado touched down in Downtown Elmore, and quickly grew to a T9/F4 intensity...that tornado lifted at 0845 UTC

Moore Tornado 2

Picture of the tornado at T10 Intensity

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