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1926 Tolleson-Scottsdale, Arizona Tornado
F5 tornado
The Tolleson-Scottsdale, Arizona F5 near peak strength.

The Tolleson-Scottsdale, Arizona F5 near peak strength.
Date April 19, 1926
Times 1816-1956
Touchdown location 6:16 PM MST
Highest winds

>261 mph (>420 km/h)

Injuries 897
Fatalities 15
Damage $20 million (1926 USD)
Areas affected Areas in and around Tolleson and Scottsdale, Arizona
Part of the
Tornadoes of 1926 (Hitman)
Tornado Outbreak of April 19, 1926

The 1926 Tolleson-Scottsdale, Arizona Tornado was a violent and destructive, F5-rated tornado that struck Tolleson and Scottsdale, Arizona in the evening hours of April 19, 1926. In all, 16 people were killed, along with 897 injuries, and $20 million (1926 USD) in damages.

According to reports given by the Phoenix Police Department, the Phoenix Fire Department, the Scottsdale Police Department, and the Scottsdale Fire Department, the storm that formed the tornado formed a funnel cloud around 6:10 local time. The funnel cloud reached the ground 5 to 6 minutes later as a tornado at F0 strength, causing minimal damage immediately west of Phoenix

Tracking north to northeast, the storm began producing F1 to F2 damage 5 miles northeast of Phoenix city limits and just west of Scottsdale city limits. Damage produced by the tornado than began reaching the high-end F3 to low-end F4 range. Multiple frail structures were blown away as the tornado reached F5 strength. Up to a dozen homes were blown away, with multiple being very well-built. The area of East Cactus Street in western Scottsdale suffered calamitous damage. Very minimum debris was in the area, where 11 people perished,

East Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard suffered severe damage as well, where multiple bodegas and multiple fill up stations suffered severe damage in the high-end F4 to the low-end F5 range, where a further 3 perished. Expeditious weakening occurred after the damage done along East Frank Lloyd Boulevard, where the final casualty took place along East Pinnacle Place Road. A subject driving a 1905 Ford Model F had their vehicle thrown into the storm, where the driver suffered blunt force trauma and died, where his passenger was nearly killed as well. Supplementary weakening transpired, producing F0 damage. At around 5 till 8 local time, the tornado became a very skinny tornado, only being around 5 yards in width. According to eyewitnesses, the tornado dissipated around 1 minute later at 7:56 PM CDT.

Thereafter, a total of 15 perished, alongside 897 injured, and $20 million in 1926 USD or $292.7 million in 2020 USD.


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Hitman's 1926 F5 Tornadoes
1926 Glendale, Arizona Tornado1926 Tolleson-Scottsdale, Arizona Tornado1926 Gilbert-Mesa, Arizona Tornado