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1951 New Boston-Texarkana tornado
F4 tornado
Tornado damage in New Boston.

Tornado damage in New Boston.
Date April 15, 1951
Times 4:05 p.m-4:51 p.m
Touchdown location 1 W of New Boston, Texas
Highest winds

245 mph

Injuries 965 injured
Fatalities 106 dead, 12 missing
Damage Unknown, likely in the hundreds of thousands (1951 USD)
Areas affected Portions of Texas and Arkansas
Part of the
Tornadoes of 1951 and the 1951 Texarkana tornado outbreak

the 1951 New Boston-Texarkana tornado was a significant, very deadly, violent and long-tracked tornado that struck the communities of New Boston, Leary, and Nash in Texas, as well as the city of Texarkana, directly on the border of Texas and Arkansas during the afternoon hours of April 15, 1951. The tornado was notable for the fact that it had the first widely issued major public tornado warning issued for it as it approached Texarkana. Tornado sirens were activated as the tornado approached, and television and radio stations interrupted programming to provide the latest weather information.

Meteorological history

That morning, several meteorologists at the United States Weather Bureau issued a "Severe Weather Statement" for Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana, noting that thunderstorms would probably develop that afternoon across the region.