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The Riga tornado of 1974 was the known Latvian tornado. Touched down on 4 February 1974

Meteorological synopsis


On 5 February, heavy rain and melting snow caused flooding in southern Lithuania.


During the morning of February 6, 1974, a severe thundersnow produced a heavy snowfall that touched down around 9:30 am MSK Reported the first indication of the thundersnow was a large black cloud approaching the region. The sky was reportedly completely dark as torrential snowfall and high winds . Intense lightning and loud thunder prompted people to wear warm clothes.


A winter storm swept across the south of Latvia on 5–6 February bringing heavy snow, which caused flooding in southern Lithuania. In Moscow, , a temperature of −34.7 °C — was recorded; the lowest temperature recorded in Moscow since 1929.


On February 4, 1974, a large low pressure system developed over Riga, with a long cold front stretching east towards the Soviet Latvia. A cold front and snow line were situated across Soviet Union during the late evening. Soviet National Meterology issued a moderate risk of severe weather for Riga and a part of Parnu, which included Northern Latvia.

While most of the severe activity was situated across the northern states, tornado watches were also issued for portions of southern Estonia, western Russia and northern Lithuania as activity developed near the center of the low.