The 1998 Warner Robins Tornado Family had a record 10 Tornadoes in just 9 hours.

It is part of a larger outbreak on September 28 that affected Florida,Georgia,South Carolina, and North Carolina.


The First Tornado touched down in Centerville at 12:46 PM.

It was rated an F1.

The Second Tornado touched down in Warner Robins at 2:59 PM. It cut a path of 5 Miles. It Missed a Church. It was rated an F4 with Damages as High as $21 Million USD (1998) Dollars.

The Third Tornado touched down at Perry. Damages were $250,000 USD(1998). It was rated an F2.

The Fourth Tornado was an F0.

The Fifth touched down in US Highway 41 at 5:02 PM. It grew in strength to an F5 damaging a Shopping Center. As it was barreling Centerville it widened to a 3/4 Mile Monster. It dissipated near Elberta. Damages were $78 Million USD (1998) Dollars. It killed 1 person when their car was thrown. 34 people were injured.

The Sixth Touched down Lakeview at 5:56 PM. It was rated an F2.

The Seventh touched down near Warner Robins AFB traveling North West. Striking a Shopping Center it killed 7 and Injured 56. It was rated F4 with damages being $10 Million USD (1998) Dollars

The Eighth and Ninth were twins (one F2 one F3) touching down at 8:12PM

The Tenth was the worst and the deadliest striking Fort Valley at 10:51 PM. It killed 27 people and injured 119. Damages were $121.75 Million USD (1998) Dollars. It was rated an F5

Rating Dispute

The Fort Valley tornado maybe rated an F5 but there wasn't too much evidence to prove but one house was obliterated.

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