1999 Portland–Westbrook tornado
F5 tornado
Vilonia, Arkansas EF4 tornado

The tornado nearing peak strength.
Date November 16, 1999
Times 905–130
Touchdown location 9:05 AM
Highest winds

> 300 mph

Injuries 20,000
Fatalities 800–1,000
Damage $8.5 billion (1999 USD)
Areas affected Portland, Maine

Westbrook, Maine

Part of the
1999 Tornado season
The 1999 Portland–Westbrook tornado, commonly known as the Great Maine Tornado, was an extremely rare and deadly tornado that struck Portland, Maine on November 16, 1999. It was an extremely powerful and violent F5 tornado that caused extensive damage and loss of life in Portland and Westbrook.


At 8:45 AM, an unusual Waterspout outbreak started near Portland, Maine, drawing in crowds of onlookers. One of the waterspouts would hit land and became the tornado. The tornado destroyed the beach before heading into the city.


Great Lakes Waterspouts

The waterspouts at 8:51 AM. The one second to the right would become the tornado.

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