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The Midwest Outbreak of 2002 was one of the deadliest outbreaks of the Midwest, producing 42 tornadoes. The outbreak spanned over all of the states in the Midwest and killed 3,000 citizens.

Tornadoes/severe storm list:

  • Fort Wayne, IL EF1
  • Oelwein, IA EF2

The Main Event

On a Sunday morning, a Enhanced Risk was placed on a region full of CAPE and instability in the air, the risk was upgraded to a Moderate Risk, a tornado watch was then issued at 11:34 AM. The risk was upgraded to High at 12:00 PM covered a region of Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. The first storms formed at 12:24 PM, Severe thunderstorm warnings were being issued along the 3 storms producing 3 inch hail. Then, 18 other storms started forming rapidly, the 8 of the storms were very severe, tornado warnings were issued along the 8 storms, they had very broad rotation, one of the supercells had a funnel cloud, then spinning up a brief weak tornado.

Fort Wayne, IL EF1

The tornado made a brief touchdown west of Fort Wayne, moving East at 15 mph. The tornado hit small houses along the way, it ripped through rural areas, sirens were going off in Fort Wayne as the EF1 creeped closer, the tornado is closing on Fort Wayne, the tornado entered the town at 1:32 PM EST causing minor damage to the exterior of the town. The tornado exited the town a few minutes later then roping out.

Oelwein, IA EF2

A multi vortex tornado formed in a supercell in Iowa, moving East at 24 mph. , the tornado hit Fairbank at 2:24 PM, causing severe damage to houses. the tornado turned NW and now Oelwein is in it's crosshairs, the tornado hit Oelwein at 2:41 PM, causing moderate - severe damage to mobile homes. the tornado siren was in a direct hit by the tornado, it tossed the siren in the air and then it was tossed out of the tornado, the tornado reversed heading for the middle of town, then dying at 2:56 PM.

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The tornado's damage path.

Close up of the Oelwein Twister's path reversing.