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2002 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Tornado (CW)
F2 tornado
The tornado very shortly after touching down

The tornado very shortly after touching down
Date September 30, 2002
Times 1219-1223
Touchdown location 12:19 PM UTC
Highest winds

130 mph (210 km/h)

Injuries 62
Fatalities 12
Damage ~$7 million (2002 USD)
Areas affected Pittsburgh metro area
Part of the
2002 Tornado Season

The 2002 Pittsburgh Tornado was a short-lived, but destructive, tornado that impacted parts of the Pittsburgh metropolitan area. It was the strongest tornado to impact the Pittsburgh metro area in 77 years. It was also the costliest to hit Pittsburgh since that same date.


A very long line of severe thunderstorms extending more than 700 miles crossed through Pennsylvania on September 30. At 12:12 PM UTC that day, a funnel cloud was spotted over Green Tree. After moving east for a few minutes without much development, the funnel touched down at 12:19 near South Shore, where instant F1 damage was inflicted. The tornado crossed the Monongahela River a minute later and entered Pittsburgh as a high-end F1 tornado. There, damage was severe, as cars were rolled over, houses lost their roofs, and trees were knocked over. The tornado rapidly strengthened to become a mid-range F2 tornado while located in Crawford-Roberts. There, 10 people died, mostly from fallen trees. The tornado continued east, and at 12:22 began rapidly deteriorating. After causing a further 2 deaths in Middle Hill, the tornado rolled up. and dissipated at 12:23.

Records and distinctions

The Pittsburgh tornado passed directly through downtown Pittsburgh as an F2 tornado, becoming the strongest tornado to pass through there since 1925. Also, while it lasted only a short time, the tornado had a recorded forward movement speed of 88 mph, the fasted of its time.

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