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2004 Moscow tornado outbreak
F4 damage to a house less than a mile from the Kremlin.
Type: Tornado outbreak
Active: June 4, 2004
Duration of tornado outbreak1: Unknown
Maximum rated tornado2: F4 tornado
Highest winds 235 mph (North of Kremlin tornado)
Tornadoes confirmed: 10 confirmed
Damage: $980 million (2004 USD)
Injuries: 1,044 injured
Fatalities: 18 dead
Areas affected: Moscow metropolitan area and surrounding areas

1Time from first tornado to last tornado
2Most severe tornado damage; see Fujita scale

the 2004 Moscow tornado outbreak was a series of tornadoes, a few strong, that occurred in the Moscow metropolitan area, that occurred in the early morning hours of June 4, 2004. The outbreak was notable for it's unusually high density of tornadoes in the area of downtown Moscow, especially surrounding the Kremlin. Despite 3 tornadoes tracking within half a mile of the Kremlin's property, none of the tornadoes directly moved onto the Kremlin's property, with no damage occurring to the Kremlin itself.

Meteorological setup

On the evening of June 3, 2004, a cold front developed and began moving across central Russia. Showers and isolated thunderstorms quickly developed along this cold front, with a few instances of damaging winds and small hail occurring west of Moscow late on June 3.

As the cold front moved across Moscow, producing some severe weather, it left behind some remnant convection into the early morning hours of June 4. A unstable atmosphere unusually developed across the Moscow metropolitan area, with unusually warm weather and higher than average wind shear, as well as a high dew point.

The first reports of funnel clouds were received by the Moscow City Police at 2:06 a.m Moscow time, and Russian president Vladimir Putin was moved to shelter at 2:08 a.m in the event of a tornado striking the Kremlin. A tornado touched down less than 100 feet north of the Kremlin's property at 2:15 a.m, and rapidly intensified into a low-end F4 as it moved just north of Kremlin, killing 17 people.