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2006 Haines-Skagway Tornado (CW)
F3 tornado
Damage in Skagway caused by the tornado

Damage in Skagway caused by the tornado
Date August 13, 2006
Times 1400-1437
Touchdown location 2:00 PM UTC
Highest winds

160 mph (260 km/h)

Injuries 74
Fatalities 25
Damage $110 million (2006 USD)
Areas affected Haines, Skagway
Part of the
2006 Tornado Season

The Haines-Skagway Tornado was a powerful, costly, and deadly tornado that impacted the remote Alaskan cities of Haines and Skagway in mid-2006.


A thunderstorm was found on radar moving northeast towards Haines at 1:42 PM. Tornado warnings were soon put up for all of Haines Borough, as well as the Borough of Skagway. At 1:59 PM, a funnel cloud was spotted near Haines Airport. The funnel touched down around 2:00, and began instantly producing mid-range EF1 damage to trees, the likes of which lost branches and were debarked to an extent. The airport received roof damage as the tornado passed directly over the terminal. The tornado strengthened to EF2 strength as it entered Haines, where 5 people died because of the tornado. The tornado weakened as it approached downtown Haines at 2:12, producing high-end EF1 damage to the Haines High School. The tornado entered the Chilkoot Inlet at 2:16, and spent the next 9 minutes crossing it. At 2:21, it entered the Taiya Inlet, and began moving towards Skagway at an astonishing 66 mph. Thus, it was near Skagway by 2:31. Hitting land 0.9 miles south of Skagway, the tornado inflicted low-end EF1 damage to hundreds of trees. The tornado strengthened before hitting Skagway from the south. In south Skagway, EF2 damage was reported as houses and other structures sustained severe damage. The tornado moved north, passing through downtown Skagway. There, low-end EF3 damage, the most severe damage the tornado ever did, was inflicted, with several houses losing their roofs and 80% or more of their walls. Many trees were knocked down, and 20 people died in Skagway. At 2:35, the tornado weakened suddenly as it hit the Airport and produced EF0 damage there. 2 minutes later, the twister entered rope stage and dissipated.

The tornado at 2:27 PM UTC

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