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Hypothetical Tornadoes Wiki
Hypothetical Tornadoes Wiki

The 2010 Galveston Island Tornado Outbreak was a significant tornado outbreak that affected Galveston Island, Texas. It occured on August 26, 2010 when the remnants of Hurricane Ryan hit the coast of Texas. This caused a locally significant outbreak that affected Galveston Island, and areas surrounding it. This is one of the only outbreaks to hit the island.


The outbreak started during the late night of August 25, when the remnants of Category 2 Hurricane Ryan hit the coast of texas. Along with heavy rain and flooding, several tornadoes also touched down because of Ryan, 7 of them in Galveston. Most of these were caused by imbedded cells in the hurricane. Several waterspouts occurred as well, but were not counted as tornadoes in the outbreak as they didn't affect land. The first tornado touched down at 11:46 PM on August 25. Several tornadoes touched down after that, the last touching down at 8:42 AM on the 26th.

List of Tornadoes

List of confirmed tornadoes - August 25-26, 2010
F# Location County Time






F0 3 Miles E of Jamaica Beach to 3.6 Miles E of Jamaica Beach Galveston 11:46 PM - 11:49 PM .6 Miles .2 Miles First Tornado of Outbreak. Caused minimal damage to homes.