2013 Florida Outbreak
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Active: May 19,2013 - May 22, 2013
Duration of tornado outbreak1: 3 Days
Maximum rated tornado2: F5 tornado
Tornadoes confirmed: 23
Damage: unknown
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Fatalities: >56
Areas affected: Florida

1Time from first tornado to last tornado
2Most severe tornado damage; see Fujita scale

Tornado count

23 10 5 2 4 0 2

List of confirmed tornadoes - May 19, 2013 - May 22, 2013
Time (EDT)
Path length
F3 2 Miles E of Tampa 4:23 PM 7.5 miles Houses damaged, 4 destroyed, I-4 shut down due to damaged cars.
F0 3 Miles W of Zephrhills 4:25 PM 0.1 Miles Very brief tornado caused little to no damage.
F0 2 Miles S of Port Richey 4:51 PM 0.7 Miles Trees were reported down on U.S. 19 3 cars that were pulled on the side were damaged.
F2 Clearwater 4:57 PM 4.5 Miles Started out as a weak waterspout then it got stronger once it reached land.
F1 Plant City 5:08 PM 0.2 Miles 4 houses damaged, trees down
F1 Lecanto 6:12 PM 1.5 Miles 1 death - Homes Damaged One person died as a tree fell on to their car.
F3 6 Miles N of Plant City 2:45 PM (May 20, 2013) 15.8 miles several houses damages 4 people injured.
F0 2 Miles W of Ocala 3:31 PM 0.1 Miles Very brief tornado caused damage to a barn.
F2 4 Miles S of Bradenton 3:56 PM 6.1 Miles Several homes and businesses damaged, one house destroyed. I-75 closed due to trees on the interstate.
F3 3 Miles W ofLakeland (Polk/Hillborough County line) 4:01 PM 3.9 Miles Moderate damage in the area 6 people injured.
F3 Winter Haven 4:56 PM 19.4 Miles US 17 closed due to different pieces of debris from the tornado.
F5 Lakeland 5:10 PM 34.7 Miles >55 Deaths Lakeland and surrounding communities are destroyed. The anticyclonic tornado injured at least 145 People. Worst tornado in the state of Florida. Governor Rick Scott declared a State of Emergency for Polk County in response to the tornado.
F0 Sebring 3:43 PM (May 21) 3.1 Miles Minor damages in the city.
F0 Wachula 4:29 PM 0.2 Miles brief tornado, no touchdown
F1 Palm Bay 4:54 PM 3 Miles Very minor damage.
F1 Melbourne 5:10 PM 1.7 Miles Because of the downed trees, US 1 was backed up for 6 miles.
F0 9 Miles W ofYeehaw Junction 5:29 PM 1 Mile roofing damage to a house
F1 Port St. Lucie 8:45 PM 2.3 Miles Very little damage
F0 Fort Pierce 9:23 AM (May 22) unknown no damage. Only proof of the tornado was pictures taken by witnesses
F0 Okeechobee 3:24 PM 2.3 Miles little to no damage reported. A picture was taken was an eyewitness in the area. given an F0 rating.
F0 West Palm Beach 4:15 PM 19.4 Miles I-95 closed due to fallen trees
F0 Fort Lauderdale 7:10 PM 2.3 Miles Damage at the Fort Lauderdale Int'l airport
F5 Downtown Miami 10:54 PM 19.4 Miles Rating was unknown until 5/28/13 when the National Weather Service gave the tornado an F5 rating.