2014 Pittsburgh Juneteenth Day tornado outbreak
Pittsburgh Tornado.jpg
Type: Unknown
Active: June 19, 2014
Duration of tornado outbreak1: 15 minutes
Maximum rated tornado2: F8 tornado
Highest winds Unknown
Tornadoes confirmed: 8
Damage: $100.1 billion (2014 USD)
Injuries: Unknown
Fatalities: 500
Areas affected: Pittsburgh and surrounding area

1Time from first tornado to last tornado
2Most severe tornado damage; see Fujita scale

The 2014 Pittsburgh Juneteenth Day tornado outbreak was an eight-tornado outbreak recorded in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

However, there were reports of a ninth tornado, one that destroyed a farm and killed some livestock. It was supposedly an F2.

8 3 (3 anticyclonic) 2 1 0 1 1 1 0 1

List of tornadoes

June 19 event

F# Location Time (UTC) Path length Damage
F1 Pittsburgh 1800 0.2 miles $400 million
F4 NNW of Duquense 1801 0.4 miles $300 million
F2 NW of Pittsburgh 1803 1 mile $1.2 million
F1 Mount Oliver 1804 0.4 miles $200 million
F0 McKeesport 1805 0.1 miles $50 million
F0 Pittsburgh 1805 0.3 miles $50 million
F0 SSW of Penn Hills 1807 0.08 miles $100 million
F5 Pittsburgh 1809 0.8 miles $1 billion
F8 Pittsburgh 1811 1.3 miles $99 billion


This outbreak has several outstanding records. It was notable because it was the first time four tornadoes hit Pittsburgh in such a short amount of time. The four Pittsburgh tornadoes were the first recorded in the city since 2007. The F5 tornado that trashed the Golden Triangle was the second F5 in years of Pennsylvania's tornado history, after the 1985 Wheatland tornado. Last, the F8 tornado that completely decimated the Golden Triangle was the F8 reliably recorded anywhere in the world, and was the widest, a whooping 6 miles wide.

Scary Tale

"That was a nightmare."


The four Pittsburgh tornadoes caused a massive scare for several Hunger Games actors. This is what happened.

They were on a buisness tour to Pittsburgh to attend a "FAQ" meet related to the film version of Catching Fire.

A few miles from landing, they passed by the F2 tornado. At this point, Azure nervously commented "That was a nightmare."

Their plane was just about to land when the Pittsburgh F1 tornado uprooted trees just yards from their plane. All of them recall screaming, along with the other passengers, as the nightmare begun. The plane landed as the Duquesne F4 touched down. The group left their terminal, and were just picking up their luggage when the Mount Oliver, McKeesport, and F0 Pittsburgh tornadoes formed and caused moderate damage to homes and buisnesses. All air traffic was cancelled, and the group sighed in relief. This is where they broke up. Half the group took a taxi to their hotel, while the other half stayed at the airport. The half that went caught the F0 Pittsburgh tornado rip airplanes from their terminals, and took some good pictures. Some of them were pulled a full 20 feet from where they used to be. Everyone was freaking out and called family relatives. Although it was scary, it was nothing compared to what happened next.

Soon the F5 tornado touched down at the junction of Interstate 79 and Interstate 376. The taxi almost directly passed under the (at the time) vortex. Some people reported others praying to God, but the taxi never got swallowed up. The tornado paralleled Interstate 376 for its lifespan, letting the cast take a good video of the tornado getting wider until they were near the Fort Pitt Tunnel. As the taxi came out of the tunnel, a huge surprise happened! A even stronger F6 tornado was over the Ohio, and was moving towards the Golden Triangle, the same way the F5 was moving. The crew caught a picture of the F5 on top of Mount Washington moving its way to the Triangle as fast as a cheetah. The taxi crossed the Fort Pitt Bridge, and the worst of all occured!

The F5 tornado passed over the bridge, crashing the golden arch down on the bridge. The taxi barely missed a falling beam, and escaped the bridge. The F6 tornado began destroying skyscrapers, and the F5 trashed Point State Park. The team had just about reached their destination when the F5 and F6 collided, causing the F8 tornado. The tornado leveled the Triangle and caused $100 billion in damage, but the brave Hunger Games cast survived by taking shelter in a gutter. It was a true disaster, but at least they made it!

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