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2015 "Ultimate" Tornado Outbreak


May 28 to June 12, 2015


15 days, 8 hours, 34 minutes

Maximum rated tornado

EF6 (winds reached 380 mph.)

Tornadoes caused

2500 reported; 2180 confirmed


$675.32 billion


Unknown; definitely in the thousands.

Areas affected

Giant swaths of Midwest, Great Plains, Ohio and Kentucky river valleys, Southeast, Southern Plains, and Canadian Prairies

The "Ultimate" Tornado Outbreak of 2015, which took place from May 28-June 12, 2015 was the largest, deadliest, costliest, and most widespread tornado outbreak ever. It was so large and widespread that many actually refuse to believe it happened. It affected everything from central Texas up into the Canadian prairies, and from eastern Colorado to the East Coast. Besides leaving cataclysmic destruction and flattening many major cities, the gigantic storm system also caused very large hail, torrential flooding, straight-line wind damage, and numerous lightning strikes. This all caused power outages, fires, and other things. The strongest tornado was a behemoth EF6 tornado which completely destroyed Dallas and its suburbs, causing untold damage and death. About 494 other tornadoes were reported to be above EF2, which are more significant and usually deadlier. Total damage was estimated to be around $675.32 billion. Injuries were 5.6 million. About 4 million were left homeless or jobless. The death toll is still unknown, but it's known that 8,650 died from the Dallas tornado alone. Rumors are that death toll from the entire outbreak may be as high as 2.7 million. The number will probably never be known. There were 2,500 tornadoes reported; 2,180 of which have been confirmed.