2016 Little Rock tornado
EF5 tornado
Tornado 1105

The tornado at peak intensity
Date October 20, 2016
Times 1612-1728 CDT
Touchdown location Near Little Rock
Injuries 155
Fatalities 21
Damage $1.8 billion
Areas affected Arkansas
Part of the
Tornadoes of 2016

The 2016 Little Rock tornado was a very violent, very destructive and very deadly EF5 rated tornado that existed in Arkansas in October of 2016. It was part of a larger tornado outbreak sequence, the 2016 Mid October tornado outbreak sequence, which spawned a record 215 tornadoes within 4 days. This tornado led to 21 deaths, 155 injuries, and $1.8 billion in damages. There was also a large area of EF5 damages, in which buildings made of brick and anchored to their foundations were completely swept away by the force of the winds inside the storm.

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