2016 Mid October tornado outbreak sequence
Tornado 1105.jpg
The EF5 tornado at peak strength
Type: Unknown
Active: October 17-21, 2016
Duration of tornado outbreak1: 4 days
Maximum rated tornado2: EF5 tornado
Highest winds Unknown
Tornadoes confirmed: 215
Damage: $4.2 billion
Injuries: Unknown
Fatalities: 54 deaths, 301 injuries
Areas affected: United States and Canada

1Time from first tornado to last tornado
2Most severe tornado damage; see Fujita scale

The 2016 Mid October tornado outbreak sequence was a series of tornado outbreaks that lasted approximately 4 days. The outbreak sequence was responsible for 215 tornadoes being confirmed, and 57 unconfirmed cases as well. Of these, 17 were EF3's, 5 EF4's, and an EF5, of which all of them hit populated areas. In all, 54 people died, 301 others being injured, and $4.2 billion being done in damages. It was the worst outbreak in the month of October since 2003's events.

Meteorological synopsis

The outbreak sequence was caused by a frontal boundary colliding with a dry line over the Central Plains of the US. The outbreak began around midday on October 17th, and over the next 4 days, the dryline enabled numerous supercells to develop over the areas affected by the outbreak. When the cap had reestablished itself, the outbreak was able to come to an end, ending the tornado outbreak sequence as a result of this.

Notable tornadoes

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