(NOTE: This is a recreation on what the Perryville tornado of 2017 could have been, the tornado was actually rated high-end EF4 with peak winds in the 180-210MPH range, the NWS states that the tornado could have been a EF5)

2017 Perryville tornado (NoJO's remake)
EF5 tornado
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Date February 28, 2017
Times 0155-0257
Touchdown location West of Perryville, Missouri
Injuries 12
Fatalities 1
Damage Unknown
Areas affected Perryville, Missouri; Christopher, Illinois and other areas
Part of the
2017 Tornado Season

Meteorological Synopsis

On February 28 a well anticipated severe weather outbreak came over the Midwest United States...severe storms started to rapidly develop in Eastern Iowa, Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin during the early afternoon hours with several tornadoes being reported out of these storms, including a deadly EF3 in LaSalle County that killed 2 people...a Moderate Risk was issued with a 15% chance of tornadoes, at 0155 a very strong cell near Perryville, Missouri produced a tornado...this is a wip...

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