The 2017 Super Outbreak was a major tornado outbreak, in which caused 255+ deaths across the Southern and Midwestern United States. This outbreak is also referred to as the 2017 Widespread Outbreak, 5-Day's Outbreak, or the Easter Super Outbreak. The outbreak occurred between April 13-17, with the worst occurring on April 16.

Notable Tornadoes

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Bowling Green/Horse Cave, Kentucky

EF2 tornado
Duration 6:57 a.m. – 7:48 a.m. (April 13)
Intensity 215 km/h (135 mph) (1-min)

The first tornado of the outbreak touched down at 6:57 a.m. local time. A skinny, cone tornado touched down in the Rockfield area. It traveled at a very fast speed (about 75 mph) as it neared an industrial park in Bowling Green. It snapped many trees, ripped shingles off of several homes, and turned a school bus on its side, injuring six kids. It entered the industrial park and caused four buildings to collapse, killing two and injuring at least 26. The tornado tore roofs off of several buildings and uprooted trees in the city. The most notable damage in the city was done to Bowling Green High School, where cars were overturned and the roof caved in, killing one person. The tornado damaged numerous homes, but it also damaged a notable place. The tornado partially damaged the National Corvette Museum, injuring six staff members. The tornado damaged a few more homes before traveling in rural areas. The tornado snapped hundreds of trees in a wooden area. The tornado struck houses near Cave City, blowing the exterior walls off of the house. The tornado strengthened to a high-end EF2 tornado right before striking Horse Cave, where a poorly-built house was destroyed. Three people were killed in Horse Cave. The tornado rapidly weakened and dissipated north of the community of Uno.

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