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The 2017 Sydney Tornado was a F2 tornado that was the worst Tornado in Australia it killed a million within it's path.

2017 Sydney Tornado
The Super Cell that spawned the Tornado

The Super Cell that spawned the Tornado
Date Novembr 3, 2017
Times 23 hours
Touchdown location November 3, 2017
Injuries 400
Fatalities 700
Damage £10000
Areas affected Sydney Austrlia
Part of the
2017 Global Tornado Season

Meteorological History

On October 31 a frontal boundary moved in from Cyclone Gta and interacted with a warm frontal boundary causing super cells to form on November 2 the supercells began producing funnels on November 3 a tornado touched down at 2100z and moved into Sydney destroying the Sydney Opera House before lifting just before midnight.


The tornado destroyed the Opera House along with multiple houses and apartments.