2018 Hopewell tornado
EF3 tornado (NWS)
La Grande, WY Tornado

The tornado touching down over an open field
Date February 4, 2018
Times 1705 - 1727 CST
Touchdown location Near Hopewell, Mississippi
Injuries 27
Fatalities 7
Damage $60 million
Areas affected Hopewell, Mississippi
Part of the
2018 tornado season

The 2018 Hopewell tornado was a destructive, deadly EF3 tornado that hit Mississippi during the afternoon of February 4, 2018 during February 2 - 4, 2018 tornado outbreak. The event occurred at 1705, and lasted 22 minutes, killing 7, injuring 27, and causing $60 million in damages in total.


The tornado was first noted from a radar hook echo, indicating that the parent supercell had begun to spin about 1600. By 1615, a severe thunderstorm warning and tornado watch was active on the system, which was eventually upgraded to a tornado warning by 1650. At 1705 touched down, and quickly intensified, reaching 335 metres across when it reached peak intensity and began affecting the town around 1715. Before entering the town, the tornado did a cyclonic loop, sweeping away a poorly constructed building, before going out of the town by 1722, and dissipated at 1727. The tornado was well forecast, with the warning being issued 15 minutes before the tornado touched down, 2 minutes above the average of 13 minutes.

Rating disputes

During the surveys, 3 teams reported EF4 damage,but this was dismissed, as the sites near the "EF4" damage were near to where the tornado had turned back on itself, exposing the areas to tornadic winds for a longer period of time. A poorly constructed home was swept away, but was officially rated as high end EF3 damage at that location, though some survey teams reported that the home would have sustained EF4 damage, because it was still attached to anchor bolts, albeit not being done so properly. Even though the NWS SPC lists the tornado as an EF3 officially, the report released by the SPC does indicate possible EF4 damage around the location of the cyclonic loop and the house that was swept away, so the disputes remain still.

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