The 2018 US tornado season was the first ever recorded to give storms actual names (if the twisters lasted more than fifteen minutes). The strongest was an EF5 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It was named Jordan. Names don't go in alphabetical order, like tropical cyclones, they just have random names. Only major storms are listed.


EF0: 162 EF1: 23 EF2: 18 EF3: 2 EF4: O EF5: 0


A storm system developed in Texas, and traveled into Oklahoma, where an EF3 twister was named Aiden, killing 1 person and damaging buildings in Moore.


The remants of the previous system developed into a new one. This one struck East New England and even as far as Finland (not listed). Severe thunderstorms struck Boston, Augusta, and Bridgeport, causing flooding that swept away 8 people in Augusta.

Note: No major events took place in February through April.


MAY 13-24

In Indiana, on May 23, a powerful EF5 cyclone destroyed areas from Henryville to Cincinatti, Ohio. As a result the most powerful storm, name Tornado Jordan, killed 137 in Indiana and 2 others in Ohio.

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