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Hypothetical Tornadoes Wiki

Yes this tornado was super dangerous indeed. and here is how it occurred. on June 24th 2019 the 2019 Tornado Outbreak caused this tornado and here is a SPC Map of it 16 hours before the Tornado touched

ground. At around 9:00AM a Supercell Formed in Southern Arkansas and The National News Weather Team said that it would move southwest, toward Kilgore At 11:00AM the National Weather Service Put Kilgore

Under a Tornado Watch from 11:00AM To 3:00PM. at around 2:00PM the Supercell Started Raining and Raining Hail the Size of Marbles. and 3:00 PM Kilgore was put under a Flash Flood Warning. from 3:00 to 6:00PM

The Kilgore Tornado Touching Ground

at 4:25PM many vortexes trying to touch ground failed to attempt it. but then Kilgore was Put Under a Tornado Warning from 4:40 PM to 6:40 PM . as it continued to rain and hail it seemed like there was going to be no tornado. then at 5:07PM a tornado touched the Ground 7 Miles West of Kilgore. at 5:09PM the tornado grew to EF1 and was not damaging stuff

Damage from the tornado 4 Minutes in the Event

The Kilgore Tornado Crossing Through Fields and Houses

but seemlessly maneuvering through grass and then damaging stuff . at 5:14PM it was 4 Miles from Kilgore, TX and growing from EF1 to EF2 quickly. then at 5:21 PM The News and National Weather Service told everybody to seek shelter. or relocate at this point it was a EF3 and rising and it was 2 Miles from Kilgore. At 5:25 PM It crossed The I-20

the Kilgore tornado crossing I-20

This was the damage done from the Kilgore Tornado when it was a EF4

and further down Kilgore. at 5:28PM it was a upgrade to EF4 and started to have sub vortices that are EF2's. the damage was becoming horrific. The US has not seen this damage since Joplin in 2011. but it was nowhere as costly. but then the real nightmare started to begin. people were prepping for the tornado and died getting sucked in


Silverton EF5

a Traffic Camera Capturing a Picture seconds before getting sucked in the Kilgore Tornado

this was still storm chaser friendly and then it grew to an EF5 getting to speeds of 240MPH and it was over 1 Mile Wide at this point it was 5:34PM and the news said that this was going to be a mass casualty situation. it was still growing. and then it became a wedge towards the end. a 24 Year Old Man Captured

the Tornado at EF4 stages the man got hit by the tornado but survived by being in a safe inside the house and captured it from a window in it. at the end

the tornado caused $945 Million Dollars in Damage, 1400 Deaths and 4700 Injuries

A SPC Map Predicting the Tornado chances 16 hours before the Tornado touched ground