2019 Salt Lake City, Utah Tornado
EF4 tornado
2019 Salt Lake City, Utah EF4 5-7-19

The Salt Lake City, Utah EF4 nearing downtown.
Date May 7, 2019
Times 1723-1755
Touchdown location 5:23 PM MDT
Highest winds

175 mph (estimated)

Injuries 764
Fatalities 32
Damage $2.34 billion (2019 USD)
Areas affected Downtown Salt Lake City
Part of the
2019 Tornado Season (Hitman)
The 2019 Salt Lake City, Utah Tornado was a deadly and catastrophic, EF4-rated tornado that struck the city of Salt Lake City, Utah and surrounding areas in the evening of May 7, 2019. The second F2/EF2+ tornado to strike the Salt Lake City area in the last 20 years, this event remains the deadliest, costliest and most powerful tornado in Utah history.

Dozens of thunderstorms formed around 3:00 PM MT and a tornado warning was issued at 4:58 PM MT for much of Salt Lake City and surrounding areas. At 5:23 PM CDT, a rope tornado touched down over an open field, pushing over dozens of shallow-rooted trees. EF2 damage was recorded when a mobile home was destroyed and disintegrated into rubble.

Low-end to mid-range EF3 damage was recorded to a house. Wind speeds in this area reached 155 mph, according to a DOW. EF4 damage was recorded to multiple brick houses, and 3 confirmed fatalities in one house after a wall collapsed on the occupants.

Gaining strength, a group of houses sustained mid-range EF4 damage while killing 6 at those locations. At a mid-range EF4, the tornado struck a warehouse housing over 900 people, killing 24 and injuring 745.

A tornado emergency was issued by the National Weather Service for Salt Lake City and it's surrounding areas. Retaining it's strength, 4 more killed and 9 more were injured at a apartment complex.

After causing EF2 to EF3 damage, the tornado continued to weaken before dissipating at 5:55 PM CDT after killing 32, injuring 764, and causing $2.34 billion (2019 USD) in damages. It remains the deadliest, costliest, and strongest tornado in Utah state history. The following day, the NWS gave the violent tornado a mid-range EF4 rating. The path was 20.47 miles and 0.7 miles wide.

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