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Hypothetical Tornadoes Wiki

This Tornado caused economic despair because of the Covid-19 Pandemic and this became a very costly tornado even for a EF4. Here is a presentation of a SPC Map on October 7th 2020

A SPC of October 7th 2020

The National Weather service said to be aware of sudden weather changes and forming vortexes from 6:00 AM to 11:00PM.

At 9:00 am it was raining heavily and there were hailstones the size of pebbles. At 11:00 am there was a Power Outage in Gadsden, Alabama. so for 2.5 Hours People could not really know what the weather was doing. that is the reason the Tornado claimed more

lives than normal. at 1:00PM the storm seemed to clear out but it was still cloudy. then at 1:29PM Mammatus Clouds could be seen

over the skyline of Gadsden , Alabama then it started raining again. So the power outage fix time was increased by another 3.5 hours.

The Gadsden Tornado Touching ground.

nothing really happened until 6:23 PM, 11 minutes before the tornado touched down. There was Very Heavy rain, so Heavy that the radars read null. then at 6:31PM the rain died down to red on the radar. at 6:34PM the tornado touched ground. For about 2 Minutes it seemed like it was going to be your ordinary EF1 in Alabama but then it grew larger, this tornado was really fast and at 6:41 Some Storm chasers reported a Tornado moving Northwest. at 6:43 it grew very fast. and most people did not get info so they got hurt by the tornado

The Tornado at EF3 status entering Gadsden

or died from the winds. At 6:45 it looked like this. >>>>

The Tornado at 6:47 PM as a EF4

at 6:47 it was entering the city and it was an EF4 already. The damage was very bad and then at 6:54PM it started decreasing in size because of Damage

The Tornado Dissipating at 7:04PM

and then at 7:04PM this is what it looked like. and then at 7:07PM it was gone.