On May 11 2020 a tornado touch down in Independence which is east of Joplin. As this storm was heading toward it be came strong and 1 mile south of the main tornado another tornado touchdown. At this point the main tornado is at ef2 stage and the sister tornado is still at a ef0

2020 Independence - Joplin Twin tornado


3:10pm-3:20pm - 4:15pm-4:22pm

210-min winds


When the tornadoes hit Joplin, 250 people died and 1102 was injured. A woman says "She heard the tornado sirens and she got her kids and her husband down into the cellar. When i heard the sirens i also gabbed the weather radio and some boots for the kids. She got down in the cellar and about 30 minutes later, she told her kids to stay there and she check outside and she said the tornado destroyed her house and across the street houses... nothin was left". The tornadoes destroyed Joplin High School thankfully it was a Sunday if it was a Monday the death toll would off been higher
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