2020 Mason, Ohio tornado
EF5 tornado
May 20, 2013 Moore, Oklahoma tornado

The tornado at peak intensity in Mason.
Date May 17, 2020
Times 1424-1459
Touchdown location Southeast of Hamilton, Ohio
Highest winds

364 mph (585 km/h)

Injuries 103
Fatalities 31
Damage $2.5 billion (2020 USD)
Areas affected Areas of Mason, Ohio
Part of the
Tornadoes of 2020 (Bengal)

On May 17th, 2020 a large deadly tornado moved through the areas of Mason Ohio, killing 31 people. It was the 4th deadliest tornado in Ohio's history and the 2nd costliest causing $2.5 billion dollars in damage, mainly in Mason. It was also the costliest tornado since 2011.

Meteorological Synopsis

 On May 17th, 2020, a warm front brought moisture to the areas of Southwest Ohio, Northwest Kentucky, and Southern Indiana. Wind shear was very extreme. The SPC issued a High Risk for the areas of Southwest Ohio, Northwestern Kentucky, and southeastern Indiana. A very small area of 60% hatched risk for tornadoes was in southwestern Ohio, extreme Northwestern Kentucky, and Extreme Southeastern Indiana.  

Storm and tornado track

    A supercell formed in the Northwestern areas of Kentucky. At 1:41 P.M EDT a Severe Thunderstorm Warning was issued for Kenton County in Northwestern Kentucky and Hamilton County in Southwestern Ohio. At 2:04 p.m EDT, a tornado warning was issued for southeastern Butler County and for southwestern Warren County. At 2:24 a weak tornado touched down in a field southeast of Hamilton, The tornado snapped trees at EF1 strength. The tornado reached EF3 strength as it moved Northeast at around 60 MPH an unanchored home was swept away. Spotters reported the tornado just as it reached EF5 for the first time as it swept away a well-built row of homes southwest of Mason. A tornado emergency was issued for Southwestern Warren County mainly for Mason. The tornado weakened to EF4 strength southwest of Mason, leveling many well-built homes. The tornado tore through Mason at EF5 strength. Homes and Businesses were completely swept away by the tornado. Winds were measured at. 364 MPH, as the storm moved over Mason. Many homes in Mason were very well built and completely swept away. The tornado then tore through Lebanon at EF4 strength, the tornado began to weaken to EF1 strength Northeast of Lebanon, before rapidly intensifying to EF5 strength as it hit the small community of Dodds, where every building and home was swept away. The tornado began to weaken and dissipated 5 miles southwest of Xenia.

17 November 2013 Washington tornado damage 2

Tornado damage in Mason.



 The tornado killed 31 people along its 49-mile long path of destruction and caused $15.3 billion dollars in damage. Mainly in the areas if Mason and Lebanon. President Donald J. Trump declared Warren County a Federal Disaster Zone. It was the second costliest disaster in Ohio's history causing $2.5 billion dollars in damage.  

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