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2020 Thanksgiving Tornado Outbreak Sequence
April 14, 2012 Marquette, Kansas EF4 tornado.JPG
EF4 Quincy, Illinois tornado.
Type: Unknown
Active: November 20-28, 2020
Duration of tornado outbreak1: 8 days
Maximum rated tornado2: EF4 tornado
Highest winds Unknown
Tornadoes confirmed: 212
Damage: $1 billion
Injuries: Unknown
Fatalities: 5
Areas affected: Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana

1Time from first tornado to last tornado
2Most severe tornado damage; see wikipedia:Enhanced Fujita scale

212 103 82 15 10 2 0

Major Tornadoes

Quincy, Illinois

Tornado Damage, Illinois 2

Damage in Quincy.

At 5 AM on November 24, A skinny cone tornado touched down. It passed south of Palmyra, Missouri. The tornado rapidly strengthened into a wide, stovepipe tornado. The tornado hit the industrial community of South River. The tornado passed across the Mississippi River into the Quincy City Limits.

The tornado intensified into a wedge tornado at EF4 intensity, destroying about 45 homes, killing 3 people. It hit a stadium, and the roof collapsed in it. Nobody was in it. The tornado then destroyed a strip mall, where 4 people were injured and rushed to a hospital. A Subway restaurant was destroyed and a hotel was severely damaged. The tornado completely destroyed an area of many apartments and injured 12 people when they were rushing to the basement. The tornado exited Quincy and crossed US Route 24. The tornado rapidly weakened and lifted NNE of Mendon.

Newburg-Doolittle, Missouri

At 12 PM on Thanksgiving Day, A skinny rope tornado touched down 2 miles SSW of Newburg. The tornado intensified into an EF3 in 3 minutes. The tornado was moving at speeds of 30 mph. The tornado moved into Newburg and destroyed 95% of Newburg. The tornado moved into Doolittle and 1 person was killed. An outbuilding was destroyed and vehicles were overturned. A total of 75 homes were damaged or destroyed.

May 31, 2013 EF3 St Louis tornado damage

A home destroyed in Doolittle by the tornado.

The tornado crossed I-44 and destroyed 25 more homes in Northern Doolittle. The tornado lifted NNE of Doolittle.


November 20

EF# Location County State Info.
EF2 NW of Humeston Wayne, Lucas IA A farmhouse was destroyed and two homes were damaged.
EF1 S of Indianola Warren IA Several trees were downed. A home suffered roof damage.
EF0 Boone Boone IA Brief tornado tore shingles off a home.
EF3 S of Lesterville to S of Ironton Reynolds, Iron MO A high-end EF3 tornado destroyed a home SE of Lesterville.
EF0 E of Cross Timbers Hickory MO Brief tornado that damaged a home and downed trees.
EF1 West Des Moines Polk IA A tornado damaged 15 homes. A roof on a home collapsed.
EF3 S of Newhall Benton IA Doppler radar indicated wind speeds of 145 mph in the tornado. The tornado stayed over a rural area.
EF2 NW of Kalona to Rochester Washington, Johnson, Muscatine, Cedar IA A long tracked tornado touched down near Kalona and moved NE into Johnson County. The tornado hit Hills and destroyed a general store. The tornado moved quickly into Muscatine County and destroyed a home. The tornado moved out and dissipated near Rochester in Cedar County.
EF0 West Chester Washington IA Brief touchdown.
EF0 Auxvasse Callaway MO Brief touchdown.
EF0 S of Dixon Pulaski MO Brief touchdown.
EF1 Ware Union IL A shed was destroyed. Several trees were downed. A farm was damaged badly too.
EF2 N of Otterville Jersey IL A roof off of a home was picked of and thrown 1/4 of a mile away.
EF0 St. Louis St. Louis MO Brief touchdown.
EF1 Mexico Audrian MO An outbuilding was destroyed.

November 21

EF# Location County State Info.
EF3 W of Plymouth to

N of Tennessee



IL 1 death - A large tornado touched down near Plymouth and moved NNE. The tornado crossed the county line into McDonough County. The tornado hit the town of Tennessee killing 1 person. The tornado dissipated N of Tennessee.
EF0 E of Vandalia Audrian MO No info. at the moment.
EF1 NW of Washington Tazewell IL A small cone tornado damaged a home and downed several power lines and trees.
EF1 Norwood Peoria IL About 40 homes were damaged or destroyed in Norwood.
EF0 W of Narita Logan IL Brief touchdown in a field.
EF4 S of Opdyke to Sims Jefferson, Wayne IL Several homes were swept away.
EF2 Paris Edgar IL 20 homes were damaged. A home was completely destroyed. 2 people were injured.
EF1 N of Lafayette Tippecanoe IN A rope tornado damaged several homes and downed several trees.
EF0 E of Ivesdale Champaign IL Brief touchdown.
EF0 Harrisburg Saline IL Brief touchdown.
EF3 Dana Vermillion IN A large tornado hit Western Dana, injuring 7 people.
EF1 SW of Effner to E of Kentland Iroquois (IL), Newton (IN) IL, IN An outbuilding was destroyed in Effner.
EF2 S of Illinois City Rock Island IL Winds of 130 mph were indicated on Doppler radar.
EF1 Mercer Mercer MO A small tornado caused damage to homes in Mercer.
EF0 E of Mint Hill Osage MO Brief tornado downed trees and power lines.
EF0 Linn Creek Camden MO Brief touchdown.
EF1 Mexico Audrian MO A tornado touched down in Mexico, injuring 1 person and damaging homes.
EF1 N of Montezuma to Conroy Poweshiek, Iowa IA A long tracked tornado hit Conroy and dissipated.
EF0 Toledo Tama IA A brief tornado damaged several homes in Northern Toledo.
EF0 Iowa City Johnson IA Brief touchdown.
EF1 Mapleton Monona IA Two vehicles were overturned.
EF1 Mapelton Monona IA Tornado destroyed a mobile home.
EF0 Peoria Peoria IL A small tornado tore shingles off of a small house.
EF2 Illinois City to Downtown Davenport Rock Island (IL), Scott (IA) IL, IA A large, stovepipe tornado ravaged across the Mississippi River and hit Davenport, causing a whole neighborhood to be destroyed.
EF2 Keosauqua Van Buren IA A house was significantly damaged.
EF1 Owaneco Christain IL Several homes were destroyed, followed by a stronger tornado later in the outbreak.
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