This tornado outbreak started in Atlanta, Georgia, which the first tornado touched down near the city of Atlanta.


First tornado touching down near the city of Atlanta. This current tornado grew to over 2.5 miles wide and impacted Marietta, Georgia. It was rated EF5 because it hit populated areas.

EF0 EF1 EF2 EF3 EF4 EF5 Enhanced Fujita Scale
421 401 327 113 27 6 Total Tornadoes
1 122 175 443 887 1753 Total Deaths
TIV intercepts an EF3 wedge tornado

First tornado at peak width, near atlanta.

Over 3 minutes later, over 50 tornadoes have already formed and the outbreak has spread to Austin, Texas.

And an EF1 touching down near Dallas, the tornado soon became an EF2 becoming rainwrapped. And the tornado was already grown to 1 mile. It firstly hit Tyler, killing 9 and injuring 135 others, the tornado damage was Moderate to Heavy, and mobile homes were badly damaged.

Soon as the tornado became an EF3, the tornado has grew to over 2 miles, It impacted Canton, causing an power plant to explode, the radiation made the tornado more deadly, becoming an EF4 with 175 mph winds.

Later in the day the tornado was at peak intensity with 195 mph winds, and that very moment the tornado has already impacted Dallas, killing over 25+ and injuring 850. The tornado was a multivortex but wrapped in rain.

At 3:42 PM, the tornado dissipated in Fort Worth, Texas.

The 100th tornado in the outbreak was an EF5 in Houston. It started forming near Sequin, Texas. And touchdown in Gonzales, Texas. The tornado was very small with an width of just 0.35 miles.

It impacted Columbus with an EF3 rating, killing 37 people and injuring 450 others. As the tornado started to hit the outer areas of Houston, it became an EF5, with 275 mph winds as it's peak

Minneapolis Tornado 2



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