2023 Flemington, New Jersey tornado
EF3 tornado
Harper Kansas tornado 1

Tornado in Flemington at 3:35 AM.
Date June 24, 2023
Times 321-342
Touchdown location 3:21 AM EST
Highest winds

150 mph (241 km/h)

Injuries 206 (+647 injuries)
Fatalities 8 (+ 11 indirect)
Damage $85 million (2023 USD)
Areas affected Flemington, New Jersey
Part of the
2023 Tornado Season
The 2023 Flemington, New Jersey tornado was a destructive EF3 tornado that struck the city of Flemington, New Jersey and surrounding areas of Hunterdon County in the early morning of Saturday, June 24, 2023. Initially weak, the tornado strengthened dramatically just before entering densely populated areas of Flemington, causing considerable destruction. While short-tracked, the tornado was the strongest in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States in three years.

The tornado killed 8 people and injured 206 over the course of its 7.25 mile path, and remained on the ground for 21 minutes. A total of $85 million in damage occurred in and around Flemington, making the tornado the costliest on record in the state of New Jersey. Damage surveyors rated the tornado as a mid-range EF3, with estimated wind speeds of 150 miles per hour. Although a tornado warning was issued for Flemington at 3:06 AM EDT, 15 minutes prior to the tornado's touchdown, the tornado was preceded by a power surge which left much of Flemington without power, and civil defense sirens in the area remained silent. As such, local residents were asleep at the time the tornado struck.

Despite the tornado's strength, the greatest devastation occurred from fires ignited in damaged buildings as well as contamination of the city's water supply. Following the tornado, fires damaged or destroyed another 600 buildings, causing 9 additional fatalities, while two elderly women died of infection after drinking tap water contaminated with sewage. Nearly half of Flemington's population was displaced by the tornado and its aftermath, and indirect damage was estimated to be over six times the damage from the tornado itself.

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