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2023 Grenada County, Mississippi Tornado
The tornado nearing Interstate 55

The tornado nearing Interstate 55
Date may 3
Times 2:25 - 2:34
Touchdown location East of Grenada county
Highest winds

132 MPH

Injuries 8
Fatalities 5
Damage $10,345
Areas affected Grenada county
Part of the
May 3 - 4 tornado outbreak

On May 3rd a violent, High-end EF2 tornado touched down Near Grenada county, Mississippi, where it tracked over interstate 55. It uprooted several trees and a roof was torn off a 2 story house, it even stripped several smaller trees straight from the ground.


An image of the supercell that would eventually spawn the tornado.

At 1:59 PM a strong and significant thunderstorm was moving over Grenada county. At 2:00 the thunderstorm strengthened Slightly more and a tornado watch was issued for parts of Grenada city. At 2:10 the storm had merged with another developing thunderstorm Causing the main one to strengthen rapidly And at 2:20 a wall cloud had formed near west Grenada city, Prompting the National Weather Service to issue a tornado warning. 3 minutes later, a funnel cloud was reported west of grenada city. at 2:25 the funnel had Reached the ground with a visible dust cloud. The National Weather Service predicted that the tornado would become an Violent twister, prompting a tornado emergency for the county. The Tornado had strengthened rapidly After it had reached the ground, The tornado had Then became an EF0 to an EF1 in a matter of minutes. it Then crossed over interstate 55 as an high end EF1, After it crossed interstate 55 It had became an EF2 where it picked off the roof of a house, it later moved into a trailer park where it destroyed 2 mobile homes, killing most people inside them. At 2:30 the tornado started to weaken into a rope tornado, 4 minutes later, it had Lifted into its supercell and died out.