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2023 Hancock County, Georgia Tornado
The rare EF5 tornado south of Hancock County

The rare EF5 tornado south of Hancock County
Date August 15
Times 12:45 AM - 12:58 AM
Touchdown location South of Hancock county
Highest winds

238 MPH

Injuries 38
Fatalities 25
Damage $16,879
Areas affected Hancock County
Part of the
Hurricane Emily Tornado outbreak

On August 15, 2023, an extraordinarily rare And violent EF5 tornado had touched down in south of Hancock county, where it had dissipated in west of Warren county.

It killed 25 people and injured 38, it was also the first EF5 tornado to be spawned from a tropical cyclone.

Meteorological Synopsis

on August 14 hurricane Emily made landfall as a category 2 hurricane, Where it tracked north east, The climate was also favorable along with a trough. 2 hours later after Emily made landfall, the NWS issued a moderate risk for tornadoes to form.

An image of Hurricane Emily, the hurricane responsible for spawning the tornado.