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On the morning of September 3, 2025, a cold front moved through Southeastern Nebraska, Northeastern Kansas, and Northwestern Missouri. An enhanced risk of severe weather was issued early that morning, and by early afternoon, a high risk had been issued. At 2:43 PM, a small supercell thunderstorm formed in Jefferson City, Missouri. It moved Northeast at 70 mph and soon became tornado- warned just outside of St. Josheph. Multiple funnel cloud sightings were reported to the National Weather Service as the storm moved into the western edge of St. Josheph.


As rotation became stronger, a tornado finally touched down. It began snapping trees, damaging siding, and severely damaging roofs at EF1 intensity. It slowly intensified to an EF2, lifting the entire roofs off of many well-constructed homes on Francis Street. As it exited Missouri, it gained very low end EF3 intensity and minorly leveled one home.


The tornado continued on, narrowly missing the town of Wathena, carrying on toward Troy. It heavily scoured the ground as it reached EF4 intensity just outside of Troy. Devastating damage occured as it intensified to and EF5, and winds were 230 mph. It then weakened to EF3 and briefly caused EF5 damage as it rampaged North Liberty Street. It then completely leveled Davie's Oil Company & Cenex Station at EF4 intensity. It then left Troy, sparing most of the High schools.


As it entered Nebraska, it weakened dramatically in intensity to an EF0. It snapped many trees as it hit the Falls City South Elementary School. The roof was damaged at high-end EF1 intensity and a tree fell on an empty classroom. It then intensified to an EF3 and nearly leveled the Dollar General. A tornado emergency was issued again as it was nearly 2 miles wide and now a high-end EF4. It traveled down East 17th Street and hit the eastern side of the Richardson County Courthouse. Even though half of the building was hit, all of it was demolished at EF5 intensity. Winds were 275 mph. It then began leveling neighborhoods and and it even threw entire houses into the air. As it finally exited Falls City at EF5 intensity, it completely leveled the Community Medical Center. The tornado then weakened to an EF2 and roped out over the big Nemaha River.


Many related the damage from this EF5 to the Jarrell, Texas tornado of 1997. The most severe damage occured to the Community Medical Center. It was completely swept away. The winds were recorded by one DOW at the Kansas-Nebraska border at 299 mph. The peak winds were estimated at 315-320 mph.

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