2026 Eastport, Maine Tornado
EF3 tornado
Bennington ks ef4

The Eastport, Maine mid-range EF3 near peak strength.
Date May 17, 2026
Times 1806-1842
Touchdown location 6:06 PM EST
Highest winds

150 mph (241 km/h)

Injuries 39
Fatalities 4
Damage $50 million (2026 USD)
Areas affected Eastport, Maine
Part of the
Tornadoes of 2026 (Hitman)
The 2026 Eastport, Maine Tornado was a significant and deadly tornado that struck Eastport, Maine. The EF3, which killed 6, the most in Maine's state history, injured 39 and caused $50 million (2026 USD) in damages.

At 6:06 PM EST, the tornado touched down. For 10 minutes, only EF0 to low-end EF1 damage. Mostly trees were impacted an a Home Depot suffered minor roof damage.

At 6:20 PM EST, low-end to high-end EF2 damage occurred. A home suffered significant damage, where 2 were severely injured. More EF2 damage occurred to multiple structures.

At low-end EF3 strength, a home was severely damaged. Luckily, the owner of the home was not present at the time. Low-end to mid-range EF3 damage occurred to multiple homes.

With 150 mph winds, a grocery store was leveled, causing all 5 fatalities from the tornado. In addition, 30 were injured at this location. Because of the damage, the rating in this area reached it's peak of a mid-range EF3.

Starting to dissipate, EF2 to low-end EF3 damage occurred to multiple structures. A storm chaser was injured as the tornado quickly headed toward his direction.

5 were injured at a bar as the tornado caused high-end EF2 damage. Weakening even further, low-end EF2 damage to a home, the last person was injured at this location.

Becoming even weaker, EF0 to EF1 damage occurred to many structures. Mostly trees suffered EF0 damage before the tornado dissipated after killing 4, injuring 39, and causing $50 million in damages.

The following day, the NWS sent a survey team to assess the damage. The final rating was a mid-range EF3 with 150 mph winds. In all, the tornado killed 4, injuring 39, and causing $50 million (2026 USD) on a 21.41 mile long path. The tornado had a width of 0.6 miles.


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2026 Eastport, Maine Tornado
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