The 2030 Hawaii Outbreak was responsible for The Great Honolulu Tornado, and was the worst outbreak in Hawaii history. The outbreak cost over Five Billion in damage And

Killed over 5,000 People. It is the worst outbreak worldwide since the 2011 super outbreak, and the Second worst of the twenty-first century.


This event was extremely unexpected. As of May 30 at 11:00 At night, Most of Hawaii was under a stable airmass. By 7:00 the next morning, a massive tropical wave led to the development of a small unnamed tropical depression, which formed just West of The Island. Warm air spread outward from the cyclone into All of Hawaii by early Afternoon with strong wind fields also present. The system later moved into Hawaii, where it began to intensify. The SPC issued a very rare message for Hawaii, stating:

A dangerous situation seems to be unfolding across parts of Hawaii this evening. Conditions have became favorable for a Severe weather event for most of Hawaii. This includes the cities of Honolulu, Volcano, Kailua, and 5 others. Residents of Hawaii should begin preparation for a possibly life-threatening situation. Emergency Management are tracking this unfolding situation. Another statement will be issued at 8:00 for the same areas.

May 31 Event

Shortly after the SPC's public statement was issued, storms began to erupt with scattered supercells forming over the island. Things only got worse...


This tornado got it's start from multiple stray tornadoes out of town. The Five tornadoes began to rotate around each other as they gained strength. The tornadoes merged, gaining strength as it moved near downtown, where the tornado grew to nearly 2.5 and a half miles wide, which is the second largest reported worldwide. The tornado became almost 100% hidden by heavy rains and wind, which created a worst case scenario. The tornado moved downtown with zero visibility, patchy fog, heavy rain, flooding, and people trying to evacuate from flood waters. this all came together to become one of the largest disasters in Hawaii history. nearly 500 people lost their lives during this event. half was caused by flooding, and another was caused by the tornado. Also, fisherman were ripped from there boats and never found again. The storm grew even larger with 5 sub vortices, a satellite tornado, and winds of over 280 mph.This became one of the largest and most reported events worldwide, and one of the most remembered events in history.


The Honolulu Twister wiped several villages in the city off of the globe, and killed over 500 people. This was considered "worst natural disaster in Hawaii history" by many scientists.

June 1

Three tornadoes touched down with only minor damage.

June 3

A more widespread event occured with more damage. An EF3 Tornado Struck the town of Volcano resulting in major damage.

Confirmed Tornadoes

17 0 5 6 3 2 1

May 31 event

EF Time Location Description Pics
EF5 5:17 PM Honolulu Originally several tornadoes with varying levels of intensity merged into one of the most damaging tornadoes ever observed. The tornado became rain wrapped and completely hidden. The tornado lead to complete chaos in the city of Honolulu. over 100 people died in the tornado, and over 1,000 were injured.
23tornado3 span-jumbo

June 1 event

EF Time Location Description Pics
EF1 2:00 AM Ford Island Originally a waterspout.
EF1 6:58 AM W of Hawi Weak tornado
Manchester tornado
EF1 7:07 AM Koloa Weak tornado

June 2 event

EF Time Location Description Pics
EF2 1:00 PM Keaau Strong tornado
Images (4)
1490809428-overall hero
EF2 1:01 PM Ewa beach Strong tornado
EF4 Ak
EF3 1:04 PM Volcano Massive tornado resulted in major damage.
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March 02, 2012 West Liberty, KY Aerial Tornado Damage 2-0
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