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2031 Lexington-Mansfield tornado
EF4 tornado (NWS/SPC)
The tornado at peak intensity

The tornado at peak intensity
Date August 17, 2031
Times 1335-1410 EDT
Touchdown location Near Lexington, Ohio
Highest winds

190 mph

Injuries 150
Fatalities 12
Damage $230 million
Areas affected Lexington and Mansfield, Ohio
Part of the
Tornadoes of 2031

The 2031 Lexington-Mansfield tornado was a violent EF4 wedge tornado that caused extensive damage along most of its path. Touching down near Lexington, Ohio, the tornado quickly intensified to an EF3, and caused the issuance of a tornado emergency for the area. Moving through the southeastern parts of the city, the tornado intensified into a high end EF4, levelling several homes, and sweeping 2 poorly anchored buildings away completely, likely suggesting peak winds of around 190 mph at the time. Over the next 25 minutes, the tornado caused severe damage along a path varying from 1/3 of a mile to 1.8 mile in width. The tornado finally dissipated on the outskirts of Mansfield, Ohio, having killed 12 people, injured 150 more, and causing $230 million in damages.