The 2033 Pan-Azuria tornado outbreak sequence was a record-breaking outbreak that hit central Azuria.


List of confirmed tornadoes
Duration (local time)
First outbreak - September 4
EF2 Southwestern

Azuria City

4:15-4:24 PM 10 deaths - A strong drillbit tornado cut a 8 km path of destruction in southwestern Azuria City.
EF2 Southeastern

Azuria City

4:28-4:32 PM 2 deaths - The same supercell that produced the previous tornado

created a slightly weaker storm that remained on the ground for about 6 km.

EF0 W of Azuria City 3:13-3:16 PM A funnel cloud caused EF0 damage to a farm estate and far western Azuria City.

A wild horse was transported 1,600 m into a tree.

EF0 S of Azuria City 3:16-3:19 PM A segmented EF0 damaged trees and pushed a car off the road.
EF4 Northeastern Azuria City 4:07 - 4:17 PM 4 deaths - A large, 1.3 mile wide bowl tornado touched down in Northeast Azuria city, killing 4 in a car after tossing it 300 feet. One of the deadliest tornadoes in Azuria City history. 108 houses sustained EF4 damage. In addition, this tornado effectively demonstrated to the Azurian populace that tornadoes do in fact strike urban areas. Its lack of movement may have exasperated the damage significantly.
EF3 Rowlett, AQ 4:21 - 4:49 pm 1 death - An elephant's-trunk EF3 cut through the town of Rowlett, in the province of Aquileia. Several well-constructed houses sustained serious damage, and some weak houses were leveled.
EF5 Carlsberg, AZ 5:14 - 5:39 pm 1 death - A 1/2 mile multiple-vortex tornado ripped a path through the town of Carlsberg with winds of 200 mph. A three-story building downtown was completely swept away, and cars were thrown nearly 500 yards.
EF1 Northern Azuria City 10:18 - 10:45 pm 1 death - An EF1 tornado struck northern Azuria City, moving a parked electrical truck 1 meter.
Second outbreak
EF1 Downtown Azuria City 8:15-8:20 AM 1 death - An EF1 drillbit tornado caused slight damage downtown.

Azuria City EF6

2033 Pan-Azuria tornado outbreak sequence
EF6 wedge tornado

The tornado grinds through Orangeville, ACMA.
Date September 6, 2033
Times 15:55 - 17:37
Touchdown location 10 mi W of Edenvale, ACMA
Injuries 7390
Fatalities 1239
Damage $13,800,000,000
Areas affected Azuria City Metropolitan Area
Part of the
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Carlsberg EF5

Azuria City EF6 Gallery

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