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The 2115 Pampa, Tornado was one of the worse tornadoes in US history it carved trough Pampa for 3 days before lifting near Pampa, the Tornado also carved through near by cities and towns.

2115 Pampa Tornado
EF4 Tornado
Bluff City-Manchester-Bryon

Pampa Tornado near a field full of Cows
Date April 3-5
Times 75 hours
Touchdown location April 3, 2115
Injuries 145
Fatalities 110
Damage $9000 USD
Areas affected US (Texas)
Part of the
2115 Tornadoe Season

Metorlogical History

On April 3 a very bad supercell formed and spawned a Funnel cloud 5 miles west of Pampa Texas the system was dubbed 2115 Pampa to be tracked easier this marked the first occurence of Tornado tagging for eaiser tracking the funnel cloud touched down as an EF4 tornado 1 mile west of Pampa 55 have been confirmed dead the tornado continued into Pampa doing more damage and achieving 113 mph winds the system left Pampa the next day and moved into another residental neighborhood killing 15 before going on a explosive rampage killing 100 by 12:00 PN before lifiting shortly after midnight on April 3, 2017.


The 2115 Pampa Tornado was the first tornado Darwin Peterson tracked before his untimly death, the tornado is the worst tornado for the state of Texas ince the 2110 Dallas Tornado its also the first tornado to be tagged for better tracking and had the largest debris signiture on record and its the biggest tornado since the 1963 Oaklahoma City Tornado.

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