2136 West Midlands tornado outbreak
Tornado 225.jpg
The T11 Birmingham tornado at peak
Date of tornado outbreak: September 21-24, 2136
Duration1: 3 days
Maximum rated tornado2: T11
Tornadoes caused: 224
Damages: £12 billion
Injuries 334
Fatalities: 197
Areas affected: West Midlands, England

1Time from first tornado to last tornado
2Most severe tornado damage; see TORRO

The 2136 West Midlands tornado outbreak was a very violent, very destructive, and very prolonged event that took place from September 21-24. In toial, 224 tornadoes touched down within the West Midlands County of England in the United Kingdom. The outbreak was caused by a vigorous dryline forming over the Pennines. This dryline then led to the formations of aggressive high tipped explosive supercells capable of producing violent (T8-11) tornadoes, which then caused life threatening conditions across the county. In all, 197 people died, and £12 billion was done in damages as a result of all this mayhem caused by the system.

Meteorological synopsis

The outbreak was set up by an intense area of high pressure over the North Sea Coast of the country, and a rapidly intensifying atmospheric bomb low approaching from the Bay of Biscay. Once the outwr bands of the low began influencing the weather in the UK, the dryline that spawned the outbreak developed in the midmorning hours of September 24th, prompting TORRO to issue an Enhanced Risk Tornado Watch for much of the West Midlands County beginning at 1210 BST. In addition to this, the UK Met Office also issued Red Warnings for Wind and Rain, lasting for the next 3 days as a result of this rapidly developing severe storms.

By 1330 UTC, the Met Office had tornado warnings issued for much of the West Midlands, with the first tornadoes touching down less than 15 minutes later. As the day wore on, more violent tornadoes touched down, leading to immense havoc and loss of life in most of the county. This continued for 2 more days, as the decline that spawned the system stalled over the county, before finally weakening and dissipating later on the 3rd day.

Notable tornadoes

Birmingham tornado

T11 tornado
Tornado 858.jpg
Duration 1721 BST, September 22 – 1745 BST, September 22
Intensity 510 km/h (315 mph) (1-min)

The Birmingham tornado was Britains strongest tornado to date, and the only F5 to ever hit the country, as well as being the first tornado to directly impact the city for 78 years. The tornado touched down at 1712, and lasted until 1745, heavily damaging or destroying most buiodings along its path, including well built, reinforced concrete buildings. The tornado led to 177 deaths, making it not only one of the deadliest tornadoes of all time, but Britians deadliestntornadic disaster.

1st Dudley tornado

T9 tornado
Tornado 917.jpg
Duration 1835, September 22, 2136 – 1900, September 22
Intensity 360 km/h (225 mph) (1-min)

The first Dudly tornado was a high end equivalent F4 tornado. Th tornado touched down at 1835, before rapidly intensifying as it approached the city center around 7 minutes later. By 1850, the tornado had begun to rope out, and by 2100 had dissipated completely, having done $211 million in damages, and causing 14 deaths and 78 injuries in process.

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