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Hypothetical Tornadoes Wiki

2050 tornado outbreak:

Many tornadoes occured in areas below 30 degrees northern hemisphere, excluding the one in Spain.
Tornado list:
EF5 Saddle Hill, Namibia 11:56 AM A tree was full debarked. Branches and leaves were blowing all around the tornado, including very large branches. In the ocean. jellyfish were circled around the tornado. The tornado then dissapaited into the air,
EF2 Omolomo, Nigeria 12:03 PM 20 trees fell down in a circular pattern in a forest. 1,000,000 mosquitos were destroyed by flying branches and leaves. Sand was lofted and a beach umbrella was lifted before it dissapaited before it could enter the ocean.
EF4 Cachoeiro De Itapemirim, Brazil 12:06 PM A house twirled around a tornado. Lawn furniture, garbage bins, branches, and leaves were blown around, if not lofted in a circular pattern. A TDS was visible from radar. A cctv camera caught the tornado as it was twirled around in a circle. 5,000 trees fell down before the tornado dissapaited.
Some more twisters
EF3 Spanish Town, British Virgin Islands 12:07 PM 2 palm trees were twisted, and branches and leaves were blown around. A lone garbage bin was thrown around, and lawn furniture was blown and thrown around. 20 fences fell down.
EF2 La Victoria, Columbua 12:07 PM A tree fell down, and branches and leaves were destroyed. A boat was launched 2 miles.
EFU Achiras, Uruguay 12:08 PM No damage.
Even more tornadoes
EF1 Coronel Vidal, Argentina 12:10 AM A tree was thrown into a river, and branches and leaves were destroyed, A large billboard fell down and was thrown 0.1 miles.
EFU La Grecia, Honduras 12:12 AM No damage.
EF2 Rio Grande, Brazil 12:13 AM A house lost all of its roof panels, 3,400 trees were uprooted, branches and leaves were blown around, 1,200 trees were snapped, and 2,000 trees were twisted. 100 fences fell down.
Even more than even more tornadoes
EF1 Fderik, Mauritiana 12:30 PM A palm tree was thrown around, dates were were found in different countries from the tree, and sand was lofted, including a speck that was found near Miami Beach, Florida.
EF4 La Esperanza, Venuzuela 12:32 PM A swamp was leveled. branches and leaves were blown about, and a crocodile was injured after being thrown. A fisher and it's boat were thrown, causing 1 injury.
EFU Caserio La Algada 12:40 PM No damage.

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