Columbus Georgia- Jacksonville Florida tornado
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Date May 25 2017
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Injuries 200000
Fatalities 1300
Damage 1.9 trillion dollars
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aThe Columbus Georgia- Jacksonville Florida was a deadly tornado that killed 1300 people. And caused 1.9 trillion dollars in damage.


At around 5:00 P.M a small tornado touched down near the Alabama/Georgia border the cell had been moving very fast at almost 80 MPH when the tornado touched down the Nws issued a Tornado Emergency for Columbus Georgia the tornado almost immediately reached EF5 intensity it moved through the city Killing 1000 people this high amount is due to the fast movement of the storm catching Residents off guard. The tornado counted its very fast forward speed at 80 MPH at this rate the tornado would be in Jacksonville in less than 4 hours the tornado then sped up now moving at 100 MPH NWS was forced to issue a Tornado Emergency for Jacksonville however the statement said this will probably weaken Dr. Greg Forbes said this is the worst tornado I have ever seen on Radar. The tornado then started to weaken most people in Jacksonville were relieved but then 50 Miles outside Downtown the tornado re-intensified to EF5 strength and everybody took shelter the NWS was in pure shock how intense the tornado was it then moved into the City killing 200 people the tornado then finally weakened and turned south and then dissipated. The tornado Killed 1300 and injured 200000 people the NWS rated the tornado EF5 after seeing images from the damage the tornado caused 1.9 trillion dollars in damages. President Trump declared the towns federal disaster zones.

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