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The Tornado outbreak sequence of June 26th, 2022, unofficially named as "The Day of Destruction", was a violent day for the Great Plains region of the United States. Before the day would begin, it was noted that conditions for severe weather and tornadic thunderstorms were insanely favorable, which then caused a huge problem for that part of the United States. The outbreak would begin in the early morning hours of the day, As storms began flaring up west of Pierre, SD, all the way down to the U.S-Mexico Border. This would eventually be known as a super outbreak due to the amount of damage that would be occurred and the excess amount of tornados that would be formed as the event passed.


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The Outlook for June 26th, 2022, showing a High Risk Day for much of the great plains.

Storms formed in the early morning hours of June 26th, 2022, along a line west of Pierre, SD, down to the US-Mexico Border. As the line of storms approached the cities of Aberdeen, SD down to San Antonio, TX and the Border, These storms began to rapidly intensify and began dropping tornadoes on the ground. The first tornados of the day would be dropped in South Dakota and Texas, then into Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska. By the time the storms reached those states, more intensification was occurring in Southeast Kansas, Eastern Oklahoma, and Northeast Texas, which would become the epicenter of the outbreak. Eventually after loads of tornadoes were dropped in the epicenter, the storms across the south would eventually weaken, with the last tornado drop being an EF0 in Mississippi. by around 3:30 PM CST, the line of severe storms began dissipating along a line from Minneapolis to the Florida Coast, eventually becoming rain showers by the end of the day. Overall, Massive damage was caused across the epicenter of the storms, including 6 states: Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, and Louisiana. With constant Tornado Drops within a short amount of time, and the amount, this outbreak would later be known as a Super Outbreak.

The Tornado Outlook for June 26th, 2022.


At around the early morning hours of June 26th, 2022, a line of storms began to flare up west of a line stretching from Pierre, SD, down to the Border between the U.S and Mexico. However, these storms moved slowly across the United States, which would pose a problem for flooding as the storms became more severe.


Storms cross into a Couple Cities in South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. These storms passed the cities of Pierre, SD, Valentine, NE, Mccook, NE, Colby, KS, Garden City, KS, Liberal, KS, down to Abilene, TX. These storms started becoming severe around this point, and with the slow moving nature of this storm, minor flooding occurred in some cities. However, it would be much worse for areas to the east.


Storms cross into Aberdeen, SD, down to a line to San Antonio, TX and the border. Storms began rapidly intensifying at this point, but have not produced any tornadoes yet. The first tornadoes would drop an hour later. More flooding ensued as the storms intensified.


The First Tornados would be dropped as the line of storms pass, would by now reached areas west of Sioux Falls, SD, down to Brownsville TX, As these storms began producing a literal hell for many citizens of the US. By the time it reached where it is, the Storms slowed down in intensifying in South Dakota. Unfortunately, Rapidly Intensifying was still reported in Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. Oklahoma and Texas would later be in the epicenter of this system. Later in the Hour, Tornadoes became more and more frequent as it would pass into areas put under 45% and 60% sigtors.

Sioux Falls, SD EF5

The First tornado of the day was reported in South Dakota, where there was radar indicated rotation at around 11:01 AM. Later, the tornado dropped to the ground and strengthened as it headed towards Sioux Falls, SD. A Tornado Emergency was then issued for the city, as it seemed inevitable that the tornado would hit the city. The Tornado ravaged through and decimated its Regional Airport and areas north of Downtown. Debris caused damage to downtown Sioux Falls. Massive Damage was reported in the City, and the tornado would be classified as an EF5. The total damage of this storm was around $553 Million Dollars.

The Other first tornado would be located north of Austin, Texas, and caused minor damage to interstate 35 and a field nearby. This tornado would be rated as an EF0.

Unfortunately, at around mid hour, storms in areas from Nebraska down to Texas would began dropping frequent amounts of tornadoes on Multiple Areas. The most significant of this hour would be in Norman, Oklahoma City, Lincoln, and Wichita.

Norman, OK EF5

At around 11:27 AM CST, a radar indicated tornado was reported west of Norman, OK, and the city along with Moore, OK, were put under a tornado warning. The area had previously been decimated before with damaging Tornadoes, so the people there were prepared. 4 Minutes Later. a Drop was confirmed and strengthened towards Norman. A Tornado emergency then was issued for those cities, and 6 minutes later, it passed over Norman. Debris damaged parts of Moore, OK, but was not hit directly. The tornado would go directly over Downtown Norman. Damage from Debris was reported all across the city, and the National weather service office in Norman was slightly damaged from Debris. This tornado would cause massive damage across the city, and was given a rating of EF5. The total damage of this storm was around $1.91 Billion Dollars.

North Oklahoma City EF4

At around the same time as the touchdown in Norman, OK, Another Tornado touched down in Edmond, OK, and did EF4 damage to much of the city. The storm began weakening as it passed Interstate 35. This tornado was given a rating of an EF4, with damages totaling around $287 Million Dollars.

South East Wichita EF4

At 11:35 AM CST, a Tornado Touched down on McConnell Air Force base, moving northeast towards some Eastern Parts of Wichita. The storm exited the city after passing east of State Route 96. The Tornado also damaged Beech Factory Airport before passing the road. It then caused EF2 Damage in Andover, before dissipating. This storm was given an EF4 with damages totaling $243 Million Dollars.

South Omaha EF4

At the end of the hour, another tornado warning was issued for Omaha, Nebraska. The Tornado then touched down peaking at EF4 Strength. The tornado mainly stayed along I-80 in the City, then crossing into Iowa and dealing more damage to Council Bluffs. The tornado then dissipated at Treynor, Iowa. This tornado was given an EF4 and did around $335 Million Dollars in Damage.

At the end of the hour, Tornados dropping on the ground became insanely frequent as it began to pass through the area in a 60 sigtor. The area would be decimated by the end of the outbreak, but at the moment, its currently just entering the area.