Location=Florida Date=May 18th, 2012- Between 4:00 AM and 12:00 AM Damage=$97 billion Fatalities=5,000

Tornado count

17 2 (1 anti-cyclonic) 1 4 (1 anti-cyclonic) 2 3 4 1



List of confirmed tornadoes - May 18th, 2012
Time (UTC)
Path length
F4 St. Augustine 0400 22.5 miles 9 deaths - A large stovepipe tornado tore through St. Augustine, this tornado was strong enough to cause significant damage to the Lighthouse
F2 E of Orlando 0440 18.5 miles 9 deaths - A skinny rope tornado tore through Disney's Epcot.
F2 S of Tallahassee 0517 18 miles 8 deaths - A large stovepipe tornado formed near the beach and tore apart a neighborhood.
F0 SE of Winter Haven 0519 6.5 miles 0 deaths - An anti-cyclonic rope tornado came through ChampionsGate,

The small town was trashed.

F1 Cocoa Beach 0522 12.5 miles 1 death - An weak and skinny elephant trunk tornado formed on cocoa beach, this tornado trashed the beach and killed one when a life-guard tower collapsed with the guard still in it.
F2 Cocoa Beach 0523 14.5 miles 0 deaths - Another tornado formed on Cocoa beach while one was already active, only this tornado was anti-cyclonic and caused more damage.
F4 NNE of Coral Gables 0523 25 miles 19 deaths - A massive mile wide tornado destroyed a small town a few miles outside of coral gables.
F2 W of St. Augustine 0532 19.5 miles 2 deaths - A large half mile wide tornado caused damage to some hotels and other businesses.
F3 Miami 0600 25.5 miles 11 deaths - A mile wide tornado tore through downtown Miami.
F0 Cape Canaveral 0617 8 miles 0 deaths - A small tornado passed by the Kennedy Space Center and trashed the area around it.
F5 ENE of Punta Gorda 0629 42.5 miles 105 deaths - A mile wide tornado decimated a rural area around Punta gorda.
F3 ENE of Land O Lakes 0644 21.5 miles 10 deaths - A multi-vortex tornado tore through a neighborhood.
F4 Kissimmee 0729 25 miles 15 deaths - A multi-vortex tornado tore through Kissimmee and destroyed fun spot.
F5 NE of Tampa 0745 45 miles 150 deaths - A mile wide tornado decimated a rural area around Tampa.
F5 Jacksonville 0808 42.5 miles 100 deaths - A mile and a half wide tornado destroyed jacksonville.
F6 Marathon 0818 115 miles 2,970 deaths - An almost 3 mile wide tornado with winds of near 370 mph decimated almost every city in western Florida.

This tornado was considered the worst tornado ever recorded.

F5 Near Orlando 0833 40 miles 185 deaths - A mile wide tornado tore through Walt Disney world, this tornado caused significant damage to the magic kingdom, Hollywood studios, downtown disney, a number of the resort hotels and part of downtown Orlando.