This page has been created to outline the acceptable usage policies for this wiki.

Wiki rules

The rules for this wiki are as follows:

  • All users have to log in to edit on this wiki.
  • All users must abide by the chat policies.
  • All users who have been blocked on this wiki for vandalism cannot receive rights above chat moderator. For a full outline of the user rights, go to Hypothetical Tornadoes Wiki:User rights request guidelines for more.
  • All users cannot edit another user's pages without direct permission from the owner of the pages they want to edit.
  • Edit farming (several constant edits in short amounts of time) are not tolerated and will result in a block. This includes spamming the categories, mass editing articles in quick succession and spamming the forum boards.
  • No offensive content can be posted on this wiki.
  • Plagiarism is not allowed. For more information, go to Hypothetical Tornadoes Wiki:Plagiarism.

General discipline

  • Users who disregard the rules outlined above will be given a warning by an admin for a first offense. A second offense will result in a bureaucrat warning being posted on your Message Wall.
  • A third offense will result in a blockage of your account on this wiki, will affect any rights you may have here as a result. Please see Discipline and rights for more on this.
  • Offensive language/comments made in the chatroom will result in an immediate 1 week chat ban as punishment. However, swearing is allowed, as long as it is censored with asterisks (*)

Discipline and rights

  • If you vandalise a page or pages, you will be blocked for 1 month. If you are blocked for vandalism, this means you cannot be granted rights above Chat Moderator.
  • If you are banned from chat 3 or more times, you cannot gain Chat Moderator rights.
  • If you get blocked here for any blockable offenses, you cannot gain bureaucrat level rights.
  • If you are blocked whilst you hold rights, you will be demoted to nothing, per the user rights guidance pages.
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