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Plagiarism is not allowed on this wiki. That includes copying and pasting from sources (mainly Wikipedia) or using the same exact article despite a few word changes. If there is plagiarized content in articles, either the content would be removed or page removed and may or may not be restored for editing. Sometimes you can get blocked for this if it continues to repeat.

The definition of plagiarism is “Copying of another person's ideas, text or other creative work, and presenting it as one's own, especially without permission; plagiarizing” - Wiktionary. Now you can use images of storms as well as use the same Wikipedia style format. However copying and pasting from Wikipedia is not allowed.

Frequently Asked Questions

This wiki is protected by CC-BY-SA. Why would it matter?

It would matter because plagiarism is frowned upon by many people and gives this wiki a bad name so it’s not preferred.

What if I am creating a season like “What would happen if the Moore Tornado were in the Ontario”. That means that they share the same storm traits but different places and etc. Can I do that?

Well you can do that. Just make sure to do a couple of things first. Make sure you attribute, still be different (e.g. Different places, impacts, and etc.), and less than 30% of content not even to the point of paraphrasing. If you do these three things, then it can be acceptable in most cases.

Remember this is Hypothetical Tornadoes Wiki, so you encouraged to make your own storms or remake of storms with twist and such. Head over to Tornadoes Archieve Wiki to have real world storms (though plagiarism is also not allowed there).

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