Location=Indiana Date=Between August 28th, 2013- around 4:30 PM to September 1st, 2013- 9:00 AM Damage=$99.5 billion Fatalities=1,900

Tornado count

20 4 4 2 4 (1 anti-cyclonic) 2 3 (1 anti-cyclonic) 1



List of confirmed tornadoes - August 28th to September 1st, 2013
Time (UTC)
Path length
F3 Indianapolis 1633 22 miles 7 deaths - A large half-mile wide tornado tore through the city of Indianapolis.
F0 S of Greenwood 1647 5 miles 0 deaths - A small tornado passed by the Greenwood park mall.
F3 SW of Fort Wayne 1653 21 miles 2 deaths - A cone tornado tore across I-65 and the northern part of Gary.
F2 Beech Grove 1700 20 miles 1 death - A rope tornado tore through Beech Grove, this tornado caused considerable damage across town, it blew windows of a St. Francis Hospital.

It trashed a walgreens, and demolished a D-Q. Winds recorded with this tornado were up-to 150 mph.

F5 NNE of Lafayette 1713 60 miles 97 deaths - A massive mile and a half wide tornado formed 7 miles NNE of Lafayette, This tornado decimated a small town just north of Lafayette.
F1 NE of Evansville 1731 9.5 miles 0 deaths - This tornado was interesting, it actually went up an overpass, like vehicles do.

It even followed some. The only damage this tornado caused was downed power-lines, trees and light-poles.

F4 E of South Bend 1745 49.5 miles 20 deaths - An entire small town near South Bend was destroyed.
F3 SE of Gary 1754 23.5 miles 0 deaths - A thin anti-cyclonic rope tornado tore down a Radio-Tower and destroyed part of a strip mall.
F5 SW of Terre Haute 1805 61.5 miles 25 deaths - Several small towns near Terre Haute were decimated.
F1 N of Greenwood 1805 11.5 miles 0 deaths - A thin rope tornado trashed a YMCA.
F0 Indianapolis 1811 7 miles 0 deaths - A weak tornado tore through Indianapolis only a short time after the F-3 did.
F1 Indianapolis 1812 11 miles 0 deaths - Another weak tornado tore through Indianapolis only this time, while one was still active and was only yards away from the other.
F4 N of Bloomington 1815 21.5 miles 19 deaths - A skinny rope tornado caused major damage to a trailer park north of Bloomington.
F2 NNE of Carmel 1829 17.5 miles 2 deaths - A half mile wide tornado over-turned a train and a truck of milk.
F6 Bloomington 1841 73.5 miles 1,200 deaths - A tornado completely leveled an entire neighborhood, strip-mall, wal-mart and completely decimated the city Bloomington.
F5 Indianapolis 1909 57.5 miles 112 deaths - An anti-cyclonic Stove-pipe tornado tore through Indianapolis.
F3 SE of Indianapolis 1929 16.5 miles 3 deaths - A quarter mile wide tornado tore through Garfield Park.
F0 Evansville 1938 7.5 miles 0 deaths - A weak tornado tore through Evansville.
F1 NNE of Gas City 1949 10.5 miles 0 deaths - A tornado ripped part of a roof off a house and took down power-lines and branches from trees.
F0 W of Fort Wayne 2001 7 miles 0 deaths - A weak tornado formed West of Fort Wayne.