November 11, 2012 United Kingdom tornado outbreak
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Active: November 11, 2012
Duration of tornado outbreak1: 11 hours
Maximum rated tornado2: F5 tornado
Tornadoes confirmed: 35
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Fatalities: 48
Areas affected: Scotland

1Time from first tornado to last tornado
2Most severe tornado damage; see Fujita scale

The November 11, 2012 United Kingdom tornado outbreak was a long tornado outbreak where tornadoes formed in Scotland. This was the first tornado outbreak in the country since 1981, when 105 tornadoes formed in a space of 5.25 hours.

After the Brora tornado on November 11, the Met Office set up an Emergency Alert System and also tornado advisory system.

Tornado count

38 5 15 8 6 3 1

November 13

A slow-moving cold front began to move across northern Scotland, with CAPE levels reaching 1500.

List of confirmed tornadoes - Sunday, November 11, 2012
Time (UTC)
Path length
F1 NE of Wick 0921 2 miles 2 deaths - A tornado formed just northeast of Wick and moved through the northern suburbs of the town
F3 Halkirk 0940 6 miles Met Office say that it was an incredibly long-tracked tornado and the damage met F3 intensity. Over 900 trees were downed
F0 Forsinard 0959 1 mile 29 deaths - Tornado ripped apart a train which was traveling through the village at the time
F1 Brora 1004 1 mile Lots of moisture from the North Sea and dry cold air from the northwest led to a significant tornado that would form. The Brora beach was badly damaged
F2 Burghead 1034 0.5 miles Significant damage
F1 Hopeman 1038 0.2 miles Another tornado that formed from the same supercell that spawned the Burghead tornado
F4 Culloden 1053 2.4 miles 3 deaths - Widespread damage from tornado that ripped through the eastern suburbs of Inverness
F3 N of Ruthven 1130 1 mile A tornado formed north of of Allt na Beinne at 1130 UTC and passed over the mountains before passing near to Ruthven as a F0
F1 S of Essich 1141 0.1 miles Brief tornado near Essich
F3 Dunmaglass 1145 3 miles Large, wedge tornado moved through the Dunmaglass area, however, fortunately, nobody lives in Dunmaglass
F2 NE of Drumnadrochit 1156 10.3 miles Long tracked tornado moves through the village, causing widespread damage, with multiple roofs damaged
F4 Corrievorrie 1157 4 miles No damage whatsoever
F2 Grantown-on-Spey 1202 1 mile 1 death - House collapsed on man
F1 Aviemore 1212 0.4 miles Weak tornado that passed over the town and dissipated due to mountains
F2 Huntly 1228 0.9 miles 1 death - Many trees downed
F0 Fraserbrugh 1241 3.2 miles Severe tornado passes southeastwards into Fraserburgh
F3 New Deer 1249 1 mile Destroyed the Culsh Monument
F5 N of Tarves 1258 8.3 miles A destructive tornado killed 13 cows
F2 Inverurie 1305 2 miles 2 deaths - Circulation from the remnants of the tornado passed near Dyce and Aberdeen
F3 Kinore 1308 1.2 miles The same supercell that produced the Inverurie tornado 4 minutes prior
F0 Ardchonnell 1318 0.3 miles Short-lived tornado that caused damage, later spawned into a bigger tornado
F1 Connel 1324 2.9 miles Destroys the Connel Bridge
F1 Mergie 1337 0.5 miles Short lived tornado that passed over Mergie and briefly posed a threat to Rickarton
F2 Stonehaven 1345 3.4 miles 8 deaths - An unexpected tornado rips through the resort town Stonehaven
F4 W of Inverbervie 1358 6 miles Weather station recorded winds near 175 mph and a central pressure near 894 hPa in west Inverbervie
F1 N of Laurencekirk 1404 2 miles Damage reported from the town
F3 Forter 1420 0.8 miles No damage from the tornado reported
F1 Faskally 1452 1.2 miles Many trees downed, also caravans ripped apart
F1 Lochearnhead 1510 0.1 miles Very short lived tornado
F2 Rest and Be Thankful 1541 4 miles Another landslide occurred here
F1 Easdale 1649 1 mile Many areas flooded
F0 Northmuir 1703 2 miles 2 deaths - Public reported a tornado, with it confirmed the next day
F1 St Cyrus 1714 3.4 miles Many people leaving the beach at St Cyrus reported a tornado
F1 Little Brechin 1751 1.1 miles Multiple trees downed
F1 Achnafauld 1820 0.6 miles Dissipated due to mountains after 2 minutes
F3 NW of Coupar Angus 1858 1.3 miles Over 22 cows killed, with a barn destroyed
F1 Comrie 1933 2 miles 1 death - Unseen tornado that did not have a warning on it
F0 Callendar 2029 4.2 miles Destroyed the Callendar House